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Worship with Us

Summer Worship Schedule *Memorial Day- Labor Day*

8:00 am Kayaking and Paddle Boarding in Randall's Cove

9:00 am Worship on Paradise Lane, Norwood, NC

Indoor Worship Schedule *Sunday after Labor Day-Sunday before Memorial Day*

9:00 am Worship in the Sanctuary

10:00 am Sunday School

Worship at Randall is where you can grow in your relationship with God as well as in your relationship with our community! We believe that worship is the place where we come to experience God's presence as we gather with other believers! Worship at Randall changes with the seasons! During our summer months we worship outdoors, by the lake where we invite you to come as you are, on foot or by golf cart, in flip flops or shorts, we welcome you just as you are! As the weather changes and we enter the cooler months we move inside but invite you to bring your casual attire with you! Though we worship indoors from Labor Day until Memorial Day, our atmosphere is still relaxing and casual!

Current Worship Series

It’s not within our own power to make a fresh start. If we’re to have a future different from the past, it must come as a gift, something not of our devising. What we need is a God who refuses to be trapped in eternity, a God who not only cares about us but is willing to show up among us and do something with us, here, now. In Heaven and Earth: Advent and the Incarnation, we are introduced to the God who does just that, bringing heaven to earth and changing everything. In Advent we celebrate and anticipate the earth-shaking, life-transforming good news that God is coming to us. Watch out. Get ready. God is on the way.

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