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About Us

Randall by the River: A United Methodist Community

Randall by the River, formerly known as Randall UMC, is located in the midst of a quiet little lake neighborhood, the locals call "The Circle". The neighborhood consists of a 2-mile circle with weekenders and full-time residents who are all bonded by the small-town lake life. Randall by the River has been the anchor for this community for over 250 years and her members are dedicated to their love for one another and the community that raised them! You can learn more about our history and how we came to be who we are today, but this little neighborhood church has always done mighty things! From our love of serving our neighbors to our willingness to step out of the traditional box, we have always been and hope to always be a body of believers who are planted by God's grace, growing in Christ's love, and living as fruitful neighbors! Come see us.


Randall by the River at the Lake

Lake church developed out of our desire to make church and worship more attainable to those who may not be as comfortable in a traditional worship setting. Thanks to some generous and faithful members we were offered some land on the lake to host a worship service every Sunday from Memorial Day until Labor Day. What started as a "crazy idea" quickly grew into what we consider the heart and soul of our ministry at Randall! This service is a "come as you are" and relaxed worship opportunity where people from all walks of life are welcome to experience God in a new way! Learn more about worship by the lake and come see us any time.

Our Lake Lot is Located on Paradise Lake, Norwood, NC

When you arrive at 48144 Randalls Church Rd. turn right at the stop sign, Paradise Lane is the first road on the right, turn here and you'll see an empty gravel lot where we meet! Feel free to park in the grass on the left, across the creek from the lot, and walk over!

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