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Transformation Journey

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"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God--what is goof and acceptable, and perfect."

Romans 12:2

The Church Transformation Journey is a three-year process of discovery for local churches where they will prayerfully engage with scripture, identify milestones that God is calling the church to achieve to fulfill God’s vision for the church, and then partner with a Navigator and Guides, to embark on a journey of living into God’s calling for their church and their role in transforming the world.
Churches identify their milestones through hosting a Discovery Weekend where a Discovery Weekend Team made up of experienced clergy and laypersons will help the church name up to five challenge areas they want to emphasize. If these milestones are approved by the church, a Navigator and Guides will be assigned to work closely with their pastor/s and church leaders over the next three years to implement their Transformation Journey initiatives.
To prepare for a Discovery Weekend, the church names a team of church leaders who are willing to spend thirty days in preparation for the Discovery Weekend by studying scripture and praying for their church and community and for the Discovery Weekend.
Churches also complete a self-study that provides information to the Discovery Weekend team about the history and present reality of the church.
After the Discovery Weekend, a church is presented with milestones to achieve. These milestones are recommendations that surface during the Discovery Weekend and could be anything related to church health (e.g., Creating a Discipleship Pathway, Helping the church become more outwardly focused, creating good stewardship practices, etc.). The church is given thirty days to pray about and consider these milestones and then holds a church conference to accept the milestones. If the 70% of the church or more agrees to proceed, the Discovery Weekend Facilitator and pastor will create a projected roadmap for the rest of the journey. A Navigator will be assigned and will then assist the church by coordinating guides and teams to complete their journey.

Randall's Transformation Journey

We began this process with our Discovery Weekend in January 2020 and invite you to read all about our journey and the ways we hope to grow and transform to align with the ways God has called us into ministry!

Randall's Strengths

1 / Hospitality

 This is a friendly and welcoming church. Every person we interviewed identified the biggest strength of the church is the way that church members care for each other. When a member or extended family member is in need, the congregation responds. The hospitality of the church was also affirmed by Guest Worshipers, who reported that they were warmly welcomed. Randall UMC knows how to make people feel welcome!

2 / Lake Church

The fact that Randall has its service at the lake during the summer is commendable. Even large churches with more resources have a difficult time trying to worship in new locations. Most church members identify the lake service as a strength. The lake service demonstrates being open to new things, wanting to reach new people, and daring to change.

3 / Gifted and Committed Leadership

Randall is blessed to have a committed group of leaders who are willing to use their gifts and talents for the good of the church. These leaders can do everything from cooking to plumbing and are ready to help at a moment's notice. There is also an openness to new ideas among church leadership that is refreshing in an era when so many churches are stuck in a rut. Randall leaders are not afraid to try new things. From lake church to the community ice cream social on the fourth of July, Randall has a healthy tendency toward innovation. During this discovery weekend, we also learned of our growth opportunities.

Randall's Growth Opportunities

1 / Driving Vision

During our Saturday morning workshop, church members expressed a need to have a driving vision that aligns the ministries and direction of the church. The Discovery Weekend Team noted that there are different decision-making processes that need to be worked through. A well-articulated vision gives direction for all church members to understand why certain decisions are made.

2 / Worship

During our weekend visit, we heard church members dream of improving both the Sanctuary service and the Lake Service. For some, the sanctuary service feels too traditional and formal. Identifying a permanent choir director has proven to be a challenge. The addition of technology in worship is a work in progress. The lake service is relatively new, and still finding its identity around music and discipleship. Members expressed a desire to take both of these services to the next level.

3 / The Fellowship Hall

The church has made great improvements to transform the kitchen to a commercial-grade kitchen. Church members dream of continuing and transformation into the rest of the Fellowship hall. Not only do church members want to transform the inside of the building, but they want to transform its function. Members describe the building as under0utilized and believe that it could be used more for community events.

Transformation Journey Recommendations

1 /Let the Vision Drive

The Nominations Committee will name a Vision Team that will work with a guide to discern a driving vision for the church. This process will include fully defining the church's mission statement, vision statement, and guiding values for the church. The leadership team will work with the guide to ensure that all programs, resources, and management decisions are made in a way that supports the mission of the church.

2 / Worship Upgrades

 The Nominations Committee will convene a Worship Team that will work with a guide to explore and create a plan for taking worship to the next level. The plan will include:

  1. Worship Music Updates

  2. Worship Style (will lead to a more casual service indoors)

  3. Create Inclusivity

  4. Technology Upgrades

  5. Create a plan for Special Sundays

3 /A Center for Community Life

The Nominations Committee will convene a Community Life Team that will work with a guide to explore and create a plan for transforming our fellowship hall into a center for community life. 

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